Building and investing in Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain.

At Epic, we are developing and advancing groundbreaking technologies in the area of artificial intelligence. We recognize that artificial intelligence amplifies human capabilities in ways that will transform business as we know it. Blockchain technology makes for a more accessible, secure and open way to transact policy, agreements and currency. The Technology behind A.I. is only one ingredient in determining the trajectory of A.I. and its influence. Economics, government policy and social attitudes will play major roles as well. Our mission is to couple the strength of these technologies in ways that distribute new benefits to people and businesses across the world.

Great Ideas + Epic Teams

We’ve built teams of world-class engineers, designers, marketers, and investors who work together to to solve problems using artificial intelligence and blockchain. We believe that diversity on gender, ethnicity, age and background united with diverse industries yields business benefits and push boundaries in limitless ways.

E — Excellence, P — Passion, I — Integrity and C — Collaboration